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Makeup artist romanie-jade tulloch (@cakefacerj ) uses her face as her canvas to create eye-popping looks.
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Wow that’s amazing
James charles is taking notes right now
Just too cool...the artists work is tapped into the world around it. i just love the ideas and thoughts put into each piece. an artist's mind reminds me of those moveable staircases, sometimes their normal, sometimes upside down, sometimes there's only half a staircase., etc. just complicated, but beautiful.
Hi beauty
سلام دوست عزیز تا حالا از محصولات اوریفلیم استفاده کردی ؟ دلت نمیخواد یکی از محصولاتشو امتحان کنی تا ببینی چه کیفیت عالیی داری ؟ پس اگه چیزی لازم داری یا مشکل پوست مو و.. داری بگو تا بتونم کمکت کنم
Wah .. mantap fotonya kak. cek ig kita ya 😍