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Hello, world. today’s #weeklyfluff is turtle (@turtlethebird ), a white-bellied caique parrot from queens, new york, with an amusing preening routine. “the toothbrush is a very effective way of scratching her itchy head,” says turtle’s human jaime altabet. when jaime got married to her husband jeff, turtle served as “best bird” at the wedding. 💍🐦
video by @turtlethebird
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So cute and adorable
Wtf is this person doing xx
@irisfratesi10 mi immagino jonny così
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Love ❤️🦅
@mo_nii92 jaj boze kukaj na to ❤❤
This is great watching this bird enjoing
Awww so lovely ❤️
So cute😍😍😍😍👌👌👌🤗