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My #laferrari made the top #1 weekend doug score and the 3rd overall all score. what do you think of @dougdemuro 's assessment? do you again with him? if you haven't seen the video, click on the link in my bio.
142 17,013 June 2019
I'll put it on my #1 over all if you let me drive it
New tesla leaves it at the light for $130k and then drives itself to the jewelry store. ✌🏻
Sigeme / siganme / follow ne please y sigan a @the_goat_barber
Well the styling portion is what tips the scale compared to the 918, but performance is similarly rated. i'm sure they both have their pros!
I trust doug all the way
I think you should take a look at the subreddit r/cars and see what some people are asking about. for example, your path to ownership for the various models, how you got to the level of wealth you have, etc. lots of interesting discussion to be had. i have nothing against you but it was interesting to see such a negative comment theme on an otherwise awesome post.
How is a mcclaren f1 more practical? 😂🤣
Watched it yesterday
Die hard porsche fan, love the interior on the lf now though
Look at the f40 daily use😂 it really shows its an old racecar
Awesome collection david! thanks for sharing it with doug and all of us!
Don't get how a chiron scores a 7 in quality
Meh his handling score is massively irrelevant since he just drives them on the street. overall, think his reviews are great but this scoring system is arbitrary and irrelevant
I agree with the dougscore!
Thank you @ferraricollector_davidlee for allowing him to film such a great video with your ride. 👏🏽 👏🏽
Practicality and value doesn't make much sense between many of the cars but overall pretty cool chart
Love your energy! 😄😮😍
When until he review lamborghini centenario 100
I found your page after watching doug's video 😁😁😁 your ferrari collection is fantastic!

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