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Come on in! the water’s purr-fect. 🐈💧🐥 today’s #weeklyfluff is 3-year-old baron (@baron.0723 ), a white ragdoll from the city of yokohama in japan. under the watchful eye of his human eriko, the very fluffy baron loves to make a splash with his floaty friends.
video by @baron.0723
17,986 942,943 June 2019
How can it go in water
Хозяева мучители 🐾😁✌🏼
@jakemgriffith love ya. checking out my instragram. this is a new one
I had a cat i gave him many baths since he was a kitten, but my cat smoky would freak out. smokyis a rescue cat and i doubt he was ever given a bath. i use wet hand towels to clean him instead.
A cat taking a bath. that is weird
Cat's does not like water
@hirat_qalam القطط لا تؤدي ولكنها تخبش 😂😂
Киса 🐾😁✌🏼
اب وگربه.بابااصن این دنیایه جوردیگه است.ماتوکره امون اینجور ی نبود