National Geographic Travel
August 2017
natgeotravel Photo by @jeffmauritzen. view from the small town of tortuguero, looking out over one of the many canals and waterways found throughout #tortuguero national park. located on the caribbean coast of #costarica, this incredible wilderness area is well known as a nesting ground for sea turtles. it's also home to myriad of other wildlife, including caiman, monkeys, macaws and even jaguars. as you might imagine, exploring tortuguero's jungles on foot could prove quite challenging, so most exploration is done by boat, where you'll have an excellent opportunity for numerous wildlife sightings. for more photo adventures from costa rica and beyond, please follow me @jeffmauritzen.
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August 2017
thephotosociety Photo by @brianskerry .
a mako shark dives, open-mouthed, at photographer brian skerry (@brianskerry ) in the waters off of new zealand. makos are one of the fastest fish in the sea, capable of speed bursts up to 60mph. of all shark species they also have one of the largest brains, relative to body size. the numbers of makos have declined worldwide due to overfishing and the demand for shark fins. they are currently listed as vulnerable, but their population continues to spiral downwards.
learn more about makos in the august issue of national geographic magazine, @natgeo, which includes a feature story about these impressive animals.

and if you like sharks, check out the new book - shark - by @brianskerry and @natgeo! available wherever books are sold.
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V Magazine
August 2017
vmagazine #tbt: john cale will pay tribute to "the velvet underground & nico" on its 50th anniversary with a pair of concerts at the @bam_brooklyn this november. read our exclusive interview with the last surviving member of the band at and in v109 #themusicissue, on newsstands today.
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Teen Vogue
August 2017
teenvogue Here is your daily dose of cuteness! #tbt to when the #sprousetwins were teeny. 🙊
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Glamour Magazine
August 2017
glamourmag Today marks 20 years since princess diana's tragic and untimely death. her dedication to fighting for aids patients, helping the the homeless and those affected by leprosy established her as a true humanitarian and the "people's princess." we're remembering her legacy with 50 rare photos that captured her beautiful, extraordinary life. 📷@gettyimages
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Jennifer Lopez
August 2017
jlo Wish i could be there with you guys!!#repost @lyndalopez08
at the phone banks working hard! we love @arod for being part of our #dayofgiving to benefit victims of #hurricaneharvey
#gma 1-855-999-give
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Salma Hayek Pinault
August 2017
salmahayek I am so bad at posting magazine covers but luckily i have fantastic fan pages that keep on top of it - gracias lo agradezco! #tbt #ellefrance
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Melissa Joan Hart
August 2017
melissajoanhart I have a middle schooler! 🙆🏼
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August 2017
history Today, we’re joining @disney’s #dayofgiving to help provide relief to the victims of hurricane harvey. text “harvey” to 90999 to make a $10 donation or donate by clicking the link in our instagram story.
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BBC News
August 2017
Dozens of people formed a human chain to save an elderly man whose car was trapped in flood waters caused by storm harvey. "it just shows how we texas people can come together as one," said stephanie mata, who captured the remarkable moment.

#hero #texas #harvey #houstonflood #houston #rescue #community #courage #togetherness #storm
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E! News
August 2017
enews Paradise isn’t lost after all for corinne and demario: will you accept this photo of their reunion? (📷: photographer group/splash news)
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Discover Ocean
August 2017
Thank you @gurkangulsen ❤️
i'm so glad the cute 🐢 is okay!
we have to be more careful / responsible about nature and its beautiful creatures 💔
#discoverocean via@naturee
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August 2017
How do you track whale sharks? by the spots on their backs, of course! #repost @azuladotcom
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Food Talk
August 2017
foodtalkindia #foodtalkevent .
if you're a sucker for scrumptious coastal cuisine, look no further than @deseedakshin. giving yummy seafood deprived delhi a reason to rejoice, this piece of coastal heaven is a must visit!
dig into an exclusive 4-course tasting menu at #thefeast with us this weekend.
6 different restaurants | 6 different cuisines | 6 different food talk experiences to choose from
3rd sept, sunday, 8 pm onward
book now - link in bio!
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Food Videos
August 2017
Taco cheese cups 🌮🔥🧀
follow @foodvideo 😋
follow @foodvideo 😋
📷: @tastyjunior
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Food tips for a healthy life
August 2017
foodtipz Double tap & tag some friends for more!👍👍👌👌
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